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Big horn



*  (Floor Space):40*60m
* (Inner Width of Section):2.6-18.6m
* (HEIGHT):14.7m
* (Flow):1100m3 /h
* (Model):HZQ-045


The big horn is a star in the water park. Big horn slide is won Gold medal for international tourism industry -- the best new project. Because it Strange shape, tall and magnificent, play new excitement, is the amusement park
Wonderful flower。 With slide rotation, contraction and other attractive features. Even tourists Iconic background. Tourists sit in clover shaped floating circle, the highest From the 14.7 meter platform began to slide, flying in general into the huge horn ring The shape of the slide, like being sucked into a tornado in general, in the rapid slide
Physical examination is like the beauty of the wind. A big horn will make your voice go round A park, especially suitable for passionate, like to experience the novelty of tourists.

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