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Water Park Study

  • 2019-01-02

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  • 2018-08-06

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  • Notice on installation of water park pipe installation (water park equipment company - guangzhou hao to quan)2018-03-01

    The pipe in the water park is like the blood of the water park, which supplies the normal operation of the water park! A lot of water park in early da...

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  • The importance of water park retail (guangzhou hao to spring paradise equipment co., LTD.2018-01-10

    For water parks, the main income is of course the entrance fee of all kinds of projects and the income of the hotel catering consumption. However, the...

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  • Marketing mode of water amusement park 2017-11-23

    After the first met in the park is built to run, only the business can make Disneyland more vigor, vitality, and other attractive around the age-old q...

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  • What kind of "means" should water park use to improve the stickiness of members, maintain old members and attract new members? 2017-10-30

    When water park collects membership data, it must clean the abnormal data in the management system, and ensure the data quality by program screening. ...

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