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Hunan Liuyang Dawei Mountain Wild Water World - Guangzhou Haozhi Spring Water Paradise Equipment Company create a new star of water paradise!
    Liuyang Daweishan Wild Water World signed a contract with our company in 2016 and officially opened in 2017. This year, we are going to open the park again. In this year's business, with its ingenious planning, stimulating asume-
ment facilities and appropriate fare positioning, it has quickly become the star of the water park in Hunan and even the surrounding provinces.

    Wild Water World is located in Dawei Mountain of Forest Oxygen Bar, at the exit of Guandu of Changliu Expressway. The content of negative air ions is up to 85900 per cubic centimeter, which is 400 times higher than that of Changsha City. Daweishan Natural Mineral Spring, which can be directly drunk, is a real original ecological water park.
    The ingenious design of Guangzhou Haozhiquan Water Park Equipment Company has made the Wild Water World unique in Australian Wild Style. The project covers 75,000 square meters and can accommodate 16,000 people for passionate fun at the same time. Unique design of whirlwind loudspeaker, super beast bowl, rainbow slide, galloping slide, magic spiral slide brings visitors dual experience of speed and wave; cool big water village, fantastic drifting river, flood, hurricane tsunami, Hawaiian wave pool for visitors to create a real water world in all aspects, so that people far away from the coast are also allowed. In the hot summer, you can feel the cool and joy; there are many theme parks, such as wonderful parent-child waters, Olympic clearance, Happy Fishing harbor, etc. The perfect combination of waves and recreational facilities will bring you to enjoy the joy of the water world. Exclusive customization, all in Haozhiquan, Guangzhou.

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