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  • Indian water park - guangzhou HZQ water park co., LTD. Design, manufacture and install one-stop service

    The water park was completed and opened in patna, India, in 2016. Due to the large area of the park, for the better cohesion of the lively atmosphere, designers use the idea of centralized and scattered planning

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  • Algeria water park

    Algeria project is all kinds of equipment of large water park, rub up the local amorous feelings, with global compact and stimulate various slide together, become an important tourist attractions and the paradise of the region. The park has rainbow wave, high speed, spiral combination, family leathe...

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  • Inner Mongolia indoor water park - annual constant temperature - annual business

    Located in the north end of Inner Mongolia, in order to lengthen the operating time of water parks, indoor thermostatic water parks can not only operate in the four seasons, winter water games are more exciting for tourists!

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  • Shanghai Bao Yan Water Park

    Thermostatical Water Park - Po Yan water park, comparable to the "Shanghai little Disney, standing water park layout center over 20000 square meters. For the new experience of immersion indoor theme park in Shanghai tourists tailored, with multiple theme activities, a new combination of cool wa...

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