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Company Culture

Corporate culture: integrity, pragmatic, high quality, first-class!
Business philosophy: the pursuit of excellence endless, advancing with the future! Values: the pursuit of value is the starting point of our work, the creation of value is the driving force of our lives, the realization of value is our eternal pursuit!
Entrepreneurial passion: life is not a full stop, since ancient love will win!
Entrepreneurial motivation: love to do business, with a grateful heart!
Objectives: to dig customer resource is the basis of the work, cooperation and interaction is the process of our work; profit maximization, cost saving, quality service, keeping pace with the times is the focus of our work is to win, the results of our work.
Team concept: the goal of the same direction, the weight of the lead, tacit trust, risk sharing.
Wild goose team. To create the most competitive enterprise is the common goal of Dalong company. To achieve this goal in the process, everyone should be loyal to their own team, heavy responsibilities, potential, hard work, striving for "team leader"; to trust each other, with the tacit understanding, dedication, fight wind in the fierce Our wills unite like a fortress., competition in the market hit the wave, overcome difficulties, in the end at the same time to realize the goal of enterprise development strategy to realize their value of life.
Innovative ideas: continuous innovation tolerance failure.
Continuous innovation is the power and source of the survival and development of enterprises, to create the most competitive water park equipment enterprises must create a strong atmosphere of innovation, always support staff innovation, technology innovation, management innovation, system innovation and innovation environment; to appear in the work of innovation failure, understanding and tolerance, but also to encourage. Innovation has become a kind of quality, a spirit, a kind of fashion.
Talent concept: people are suitable for their position.
As long as you are willing and able to work hard for the enterprise, active dedication, is the need for talent. In the selection of personnel, the first consideration is the knowledge and skills of personnel and job needs, so that the best combination of both to maximize the expertise and ability of each employee.
Quality concept: high standard fine zero defect, high standard, fine, zero defect, is the basic requirements for employees, but also the basic attitude of workers. High standard is a prerequisite, fine is the basic requirement, zero defect is the ultimate goal. Three interlocking, indispensable.
Marketing concept: to create value for users, for the enterprise to win friends.
In twenty-first Century marketing, "creating value" advocate is not simply the sale of content for the user, but to work hard for users to create in the other for households where there is no or no value, so that they become the enterprise to repeat, enterprises become the ultimate friend.
Security concept: life is priceless, security for the days of life for everyone only once, we should respect life, cherish life. Safety first, prevention first; safety is the essence of the production and operation of the demand, only in the worker's life safety, to ensure the normal operation of equipment and facilities protection, enterprises can be sustained, healthy and harmonious development.
The concept of self-cultivation, morality, Shou Lian: place.
One is by learning a variety of cultural knowledge, professional skills, improve their comprehensive quality; morality is to strengthen their self-cultivation, establish good morality; keep honesty is to strictly abide by the party and government and enterprise regulations, honesty and self-discipline, can withstand the temptation, people doing things to be pure, has a good reputation among the masses. The technical team experience, let our success to build Guizhou Bijie water park, Yangzhou water park and many other recreational facilities engineering project is complete, the main products of the equipment but also exported to Thailand, Burma, India, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries!

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